SRMJEEE Question Paper – Download the SRMJEEE Sample Paper Here

SRMJEEE Question Paper: The SRM University of Science and Technology has released the SRMJEEE Sample Question Paper on the official website. Candidates must check the Sample Paper before the entrance exam. From the year 2020, English and Aptitude is added as a new subject. For more information about SRMJEEE Question Paper, keep reading this article.

SRMJEEE Question Paper

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SRMJEEE Question Paper

SRMJEEE Sample Question Paper gives an overall idea of the exam. You can get an idea of question types, marking schemes from the question paper. There is a chance of repeating the previous question in the current year.

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SRMJEEE Physics Model Question Paper

Question: One-watt hour contains how many Joules?

Options: a) 3.6 x 108 b) 3.6 x 102 c) 3.6 x 103 d) 1 x 10

Question: The dimension of kinetic energy is the same as that of _______ 

Options: a) Force b) Pressure c) Work d) Momentum

Question: A food packet is dropped from a helicopter rising upwards at a constant speed of 2m/s. How far below the helicopter the packet will be after 2 seconds? (Take g = 10m/s2)

Options: a) 16m b) 20m c) 24m d) 40m

Question: The range of projectile when launched at an angle of 15o with the horizontal is 1.5km. What is the range of the projectile when launched at an angle of 45o to the horizontal?

Options: a) 1.5 km b) 3.0 km c) 6.0km d) 0.75km

Question: An unpolarized beam of intensity 2a2 passes through a Polaroid. The intensity of emergent plane-polarized light is ________

Options: a) a2/2 b) 4a2 c) 2a2 d) a2

Chemistry Model Question Paper

Question: The elevation in the boiling point of a liquid is —————


a) dependent on both the nature and molality of the solute
b) independent of both the nature and molality of the solute
c) dependent on the nature of the solute and independent of molality of the solute
d) independent of the nature of the solute and dependent on molality of the solute

Question: What is the term for the electrode where the reduction reaction occurs?

Options: a) anode b) cathode c) oxidizing agent d) reducing agent

Question: In an electrochemical cell, electrons travel in which direction?


a) From the anode to the cathode through the external circuit
b) From the anode to the cathode through the porous cup
c) From the cathode to the anode through the external circuit
d) From the cathode to the anode through the porous cup

Question: The compound CH3-CH2-NH-CH3 is an example of a ————–

Options: a) Primary amine b) Secondary amine c) Tertiary amine d) Primary amide

Question: The diazonium salts have which of the general formula?

Options: a) RN2+ X-  b) RN2+ X2-  c) RN+ X2-  d) RN+ X

Mathematics Model Paper

Question: Let X = {a, a2,….,a6} and Y = {b1, b2, b3}. The number of functions f from X to Y such that it is onto and there are exactly three elements x in X such that f(x) = b1 is ———-

Options: a) 75 b) 90 c) 100 d) 120

Question: If the graph of y = f(x) is symmetrical about lines x = 1 and x = 2, then which of the following is true?

Options: a) f(x + 1) = f(x)  b) f(x + 3) = f(x)  c) f(x + 2) = f(x)  d) f(x + 4) = f(x)

Question: For all complex numbers z of the form z=1+2iα where αER,if z2 = x+iy,then —

Options: a) y2+4x+2=0  b) y2+2x-4=0  c) y2+4x-4=0  d) y2+6x-4=0

Question: If |z-4+3i| + |z+ 11-5i|=17,the locus of the point ‘z’ on the Argand plane is ——


a) an ellipse with foci 4-3i,5i-11

b) a line

c) a segment of the line through 4-3i and 5i-11

d) a line, except for a segment of the line

Question: Let f(x+2) =x3+2×2-3x+1. then, f ‘(3) equals —

Options: a) 5  b) 4  c) -6  d) 2

Biology Model Paper

Question: Which plant hormone is basic in nature?

Options: a) Auxin  b) Gibberellins  c) Cytokinin  d) Abscisic acid

Question: Delay of senescence or Richmond Lang effect is a physiological effect of ——–

Options: a) IAA  b) CK  c) GA  d) C2H4

Question: Shelf life of vegetables and cut flowers can be increased by the commercial application of ——–

Options: a) Cytokinin  b) AMO1618  c) Cyclocel  d) Phosphon-D

Question: In maize, hybrid vigor is exploited by ——


a) inducing mutations

b) bombarding the protoplast with DNA

c) crossing of two inbred parental lines

d) harvesting seeds from the most productive plants

Question: 90% of blood from auricles enter into ventricles during ——-


a) Auricular Systole

b) Auricular Diastole

c) Ventricular Systole

d) Ventricular Diastole

SRMJEEE English Model Question Paper

Question: “Your parents were not anxious enough to have you learn. They preferred to put you to work on a farm or at the mills, so as to have a little more money. And I? I’ve been to blame also. Have I not often sent you to water my flowers instead of learning your lessons?” (This passage best expresses the writer’s:)


a) feeling of anger

b) sense of guilt

c) state of confusion

d) feeling of fright

Question: “You must have patience, my little girl,” said the father. (The indirect speech of this sentence is:)


a) The father advised his daughter that she should have patience

b) The father told his daughter that she must have patience

c) The father ordered his daughter to have patience

d) The father says that she should have patience

SRMJEEE Aptitude Model Question Paper

Question: The number M39048458N is divisible by 11 and 8, where M, N are single-digit numbers.
Then what is the value of M, N?

Options: a) 7, 8  b) 8, 6  c) 6, 4  d) 5, 4

Question: What is the average of the first 18 multiples of 6?

Options: a) 18  b) 6  c) 72  d) 57

Question: If the radius of a sphere is doubled, what is the percentage change in its volume?

Options: a) 800% increase  b) 800% decrease  c) 700% increase  d) No change


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