GPAT Paper – Download GPAT Previous Year Question Paper PDF Here

GPAT Question Paper: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has uploaded the previous year question paper of GPAT on the official website. Candidates can download it from the download section. Question paper gives an overall idea about types of questions, mark distribution. You can download the old paper PDF from this page. For more information about GPAT Paper, keep reading this article.

GPAT Paper

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GPAT Paper

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) is a National Level Entrance Examination for entry into M. Pharma Programme. GPAT Paper is very important for aspirants. Candidates must prepare the previous year question paper. There is a little bit chance of repeating the old paper question in the current year.

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GPAT Question Paper Download Link

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2020 24th January Click Here
2019 28th January Click Here (Set -I)
2019 28th January Click Here (Set -II)

Sample Question

Question: Which of the following pair of drugs is considered as selective a1-Blockers?


1. Formoterol and Levalbuterol

2. Yohimbine and Carynanthine

3. Prazosin and Terazosin

4. Timolol and Metoprolol

Question: The following ACE inhibitor used in treating the cardiovascular disorder is synthesized from the natural amino acids L-alanine and L-proline:


1. Lisinopril

2. Enalapril

3. Captopril

4. Ramipril

Question: Which among the following carrier gases has the highest thermal conductivity?


1. Scurvy

2. Sudden infant death syndrome

3. Von Gierke’s disease

4. Taruli’s disease

Question: Anti addition of bromine to trans-2-butene yields:


1. Only enantiomers

2. Only racemic mixture

3. Enantiomer and the racemic mixture

4. Only Meso compounds

Question: Which one of the following is the property of micro-emulsion?


1. They have particle sizes of more than 1 micron.

2. They have a milky yellow color

3. They exhibit a viscoelastic gel phase when the internal phase is added in excess.

4. They have poor stability.

Question: Which polymorphic form of a drug candidate has the highest melting point:


1, Stable

2. Metastable

3. Unstable

4. Hydrates

Question: The another name of Soda ash is …………


1. Limestone

2. Sodium carbonate

3. Pure silica

4. Calcium carbonate


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